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Functional Fitness Guide

Functional Fitness Guide

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Product Description

Functional Fitness with Alex Beattie is your complete gym-ready PDF training and nutrition guide to everyday life, not just the gym. It’s all about movements that mimic everyday actions, like pushing, pulling, twisting, squatting, and lifting.

We’ve teamed up with Alex Beattie to find out why he uses functional fitness and the workouts you’ll need to see real results. Take a look what’s inside and get ready to be fit for life…

What’s in the guide?

Alex’s fitness mantras

As a qualified personal trainer, Alex is aware of the misleading and confusing information in the health and fitness industry. Find out his thoughts on quick-fixes and crash diets, and whether they actually work.

Food for thought

Eating the right foods in the right amounts can make all the difference in getting you closer to your goals. Discover helpful advice from a qualified nutritionist on how to feed your body for sustainable, long-lasting results.

Ask Alex

Navigating the world of supplements can be a real minefield. Alex gives his thoughts supplements and which ones he uses.

Functional Fitness Workouts

After falling into the trap of focusing on classic bodybuilding moves, Alex is a big advocate of functional movements. He’s put together some of his favourite exercises into four easy-to-follow workouts that you’ll need to be forever fit.


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