About Us

Who We Are

Our mission is simple: to help unlock your ambition. We believe everyone has an inner potential in them, and fitness is the key to unlocking that potential. That is why we’re dedicated to empowering individuals by providing them with the best fuel to reach their Ambition.

Whether you want to hit a PR, hold your next handstand, or have a better immune system, we want to be beside you every step of the way. **



Who We Serve (Fitness)

Build for the Ambitious. Every day we work to inspire people regardless of age and gender to believe in their fitness potential, then fuel them to achieve it. Our team is passionate about fitness and nutrition - it is in our DNA to stand for those people who hold fitness at the center of their lifestyles and fuel them on that amazing journey, through every step and every rep.

Unite the Ambitious (Community)

We exist to #UnitetheAmbitious community. It’s not our goals that unite us, but the things we do to achieve them. Although our training program and end goals might be different, we all share one thing: Ambition. Fuel aims to unite a community of like-minded people to overcome obstacles, inspire each other, and celebrate every victory. To go further, we go together.

Vision Statement

To create tools that help unlock your Ambition: the clothing you’ll sweat in, the content you’ll find inspiration in, and the community you’ll become your best in. To become Brunei’s go-to retailer for everything fitness and nutrition! Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs, from workout gear to expert advice. We believe that by broadening our horizons and expanding our offerings, we can better connect with our community and provide you with the best possible experience.