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Soluxe Original Pea Protein Isolate 500g - Unflavoured

Soluxe Original Pea Protein Isolate 500g - Unflavoured

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Product Description

Soluxe™ Original Pea Protein - Unflavoured is a 100% pure plant-based pea protein isolate that is 100% natural and free from soy, lactose and gluten. Our pea protein is sourced from an industry-leading European supplier who delivers the best quality in the market. Try Soluxe original pea protein powder today! 


Benefit of pea protein isolate

High in protein: Pea protein isolate is a high-quality protein source, containing all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own.

Plant-based: Pea protein isolate is a vegan-friendly protein source that is also free of common allergens such as dairy, soy, and gluten.

Easy to digest: Pea protein isolate is easily digestible and can be a good option for people who have difficulty digesting other types of protein.

Supports muscle growth and repair: The amino acids in pea protein isolate can help support muscle growth and repair, making it a popular choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

May help with weight management: Protein can help reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness, which may aid in weight management.

May help lower cholesterol: Some studies have shown that pea protein isolate may help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, which can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Sustainable and eco-friendly: Pea protein isolate is considered a sustainable and eco-friendly protein source, as peas require less water and fertilizer than other protein sources such as animal products.

Suggested Use

Mix 25g serving into 300ml - 500ml drinking water (depending on your desired consistency) or beverage of choice. Smooth and delicious when blended into smoothies or added to your favourite recipes. Enjoy during breakfast, post-workout or anytime of the day for a nutritious snack.

Do not use if seal is broken. Always seal right and keep away from light, heat and moisture. Recommended finishing within 2 months after opening.


Pea Protein Isolate (Belgium)

Nutritional Information

Serving size: 25g | Servings per container: 20

Amount per serving (25g)

Calories 87kcal

Total Fat 0g

Saturated Fat 0g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 500mg

Total Carbohydrate 1g

Dietary Fiber 1g

Total Sugars 0g
Includes 0g Added Sugars

Protein 21g

Vitamin D 0mcg

Calcium 33mg

Iron 6mg

Potassium 63mg

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